2024 Evolution Classic 4 Plus Lithium-ion Street Legal 4 Seater – Sky Blue

2024 Evolution Classic 4 Plus Street Legal 4 Seater
Premium seats and steering wheel, windshield and rear view mirrors, independent Suspension.
Includes: Rear Flip Seat with Trunk and Cup Holders, Digital Speedometer, USB Port, Extended Roof, LEDs, 6in Lift, and Upgraded Tires/Wheels
Acid Dipped, Powder Coated Steel Chassis with a LIFETIME Warranty
25Amp Onboard waterproof Evolution Preprogrammed Charger for Lithium Batteries
Lithium-ion Battery 110AH 48v: Includes 5 Year LIMITED Warranty

Available Colors: White, Black, Silver, Red, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Lime Green, Green, and Yellow

Price:  $6,995.00

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